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Digital Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations

This website was created to be a helpful guide to navigating the digital marketing landscape. Large corporation have unlimited resources to promte their products and services. However, most nonprofit are a disadvantage, because the financial and human resource may not be available.As this resource grows,you will have the opprotunity to watch videos about digital marketing and even view e-Courses that will guide you through the basics. You will also be able to read well researched blog post specific to nonprofit organizations. You will even be able to leave feedback and interact with a community of individuals to gain a better understanding of digital marketing.

Take this journey to empower your nonprofit organization to create better content to engage your user base. Find your and strengthen your nonprofit's voice by delivering stories that drive action. Build a stronger nonprofit organization by giving your employees the tools to make a social change with your digital media stratey. Grow your nonprofit by expanding your reach.

Jodie learned digital marketing from owning her own small business. It took many years to gain an understanding of the digital marketing industry including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay Per Click Marekting (PPC). Most nonprofits, especially smaller organizations, don't have the resources to commit to training or hiring a digital marketing strategist.

What else does a Digtial Marketing Strategist Do?

Well, digital mareketing also encompasses a broad understanding of social media, email marketing, developing content strategies for a website, analyzing data in Google Analytics, and understanding Best Practices In Digital Marketing.