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Digital Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations

Jodie created this website to be a helpful guide to navigating digital marketing for nonprofits. Large corporations have unlimited resources to promote their products and services. But, most nonprofits are at a disadvantage. Most nonprofits lack the financial and human resources to create and develop a marketing strategy.

The plans are to grow this website as a resource for nonprofit leaders. You will have the opportunity to watch videos, take e-Courses, and join webinars. All the resources are for nonprofit leaders and are about digital marketing.

Read the beginner's guide to eCommerce for nonprofits.

How Nonprofit Leaders Can Benefit

You can read well-researched blog posts specific to nonprofit organizations. You will even be able to leave feedback and interact with a community of individuals to gain a better understanding of digital marketing.

Leave a message and tell Jodie how she can assist you.

Start your digital marketing journey for your nonprofit by learning from an expert. The lessons will empower you to dive deep into creating actionable content. Cultivate lasting relationships by creating valuable content.

What lessons will I learn about digital marketing?

The topics are in-depth and the journey will not be easy. So get ready to learn. Find the strength in your nonprofit's voice by delivering stories that drive action. Build a stronger nonprofit organization by giving your employees the tools to make social change. Grow your nonprofit by expanding your reach.

What are the knowledge areas I will learn about for my nonprofit?

Most small nonprofits don't have the resources to commit to training or hiring a digital marketing strategist. Jodie learned digital marketing from owning her own small business and working with other nonprofits. She devoted years to educating and practicing her skills in many areas of digital marketing. As the industry continues to grow, Jodie has moved with the times. Her areas of specialty are:

What else does a Digital Marketing Strategist Do?

If you don't have time to learn, you can hire Jodie as a digital marketing consultant for your nonprofit organization. She can assist with developing a marketing plan to full implementation.

A digital marketing strategist plans a marketing strategy based on the goals the nonprofit would like to achieve. The plan can align with fundraising goals but will not lay out a fundraising plan. Jodie can assist with connecting and building relationships with people on social media or through the website.

There are more than five different digital marketing strategies nonprofits can undertake. Depending on your budget and goals, Jodie will map the best plan. It's critical to narrow down the organization's goals to have success in marketing.